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Is it a Horse or a Unicorn?

The Greek have two distinct words for “blue” while in English we just have the one, and so it correlates that the Greek have a more nuanced sense of this colour.

Menka Sanghvi
Menka Sanghvi
2 min read
Is it a Horse or a Unicorn?
Just Looking Instagram. Photo by @what.c.sees – Do you see a horse or a unicorn in this tiny crack on the wall?

Hello Good Looker!

This month, here are some of my favourite things to share about mindfulness, creativity and photography:

Switching off the autopilot mode.
Core to mindfulness is finding ways to switch off the autopilot mode, so that we can notice our current experience more vividly. Here is a list I wrote of six hacks to see the familiar with fresh eyes (who doesn’t love a good list?).

How do words change the colours we see?
The Greek have two distinct words for “blue” while in English we just have the one, and so it correlates that the Greek have a more nuanced sense of this colour. But what happens if a Greek person lives in England for a while?

Photography of a London cabbie.
Driving around London in the quieter hours and on unusual routes, Terry Gibbins parks his taxi and creates stunning images of the city. One of his favourite spots is Battersea Power Station. His work will be featured in the Oxo Gallery from 18-22 July.

One rule: nobody shoots the same photo twice.
This little video made me smile! We should try this out at our next workshop.

Photo by Jonathan Garner on our last photowalk on the Southbank, exploring the beauty of blur. In this image perhaps you can see St Paul's Cathedral. The photographer decided to shoot without looking into the viewfinder: "By enjoying the walk through the busy crowds I simply paid attention to the flow of energy as people interacted and snapped away when it felt right."

Next London Meetup
5-7.30pm, 4th May 2018, Moorgate
Photowalk: Strangers in the City
In a city like London, we are surrounded by strangers. Each of them living a life as complex and vivid as our own. What happens if we use photography to notice them, and to notice our mixed feelings towards them?

So what’s happening with your mindful photography? Seen any unicorns lately? I’d love to hear from you. Let me know if you’d like to team up for a photowalk or workshop near you. And if you enjoyed this letter, please spread the inspiration and share it with a friend.

Yours in looking,
Just Looking


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I'm a researcher, writer, and designer working on the theme of mindful curiosity. Just Looking is a project I started to help myself and others slow down and experience more wonder in the everyday.

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