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Become a Friend of Just Looking

Become a Friend of Just Looking
Image by Peter Monro

Hello, it's Menka here, the founder of Just Looking. 👋🏼 Thanks for considering how you can support our work!

The purpose of this group:

The Just Looking ethos is to give away as many things as possible for free. If you choose to pay and become a "Friend of Just Looking", you will support us, our work and this platform - which will be received with much gratitude.

This is a way to avoid having to set up a two-tier system, also known as unlocking the commons:

“Fans support the person and the work. But it’s not a transaction, a fee for service. It’s a contribution that benefits everyone. Free-riders aren’t just welcome; free-riding is the point.”

The beauty of this approach is that it turns everything into a gift. Research shows that when someone receives a gift - or even witnesses an act of generosity between strangers - they become more generous, too. In other words, every gift sparks a chain of generosity, an invisible ripple.

What do you get by joining?

  1. The satisfaction of helping make this thing real!
  2. Free access to all our community events.
  3. Discounts on beautiful products we publish.
  4. Access to our consolidated Book Recommendations page.
  5. Invite to an annual members-only "Team Meeting" online.

Help build a movement!

Just Looking is part of a wider movement encouraging slowness, curiosity and wonder. To support this, we are committed to donating 20% of all our profits to other small charities, social enterprises, and artists working towards the same end-game. Here are the projects we've backed so far.

Cancel at any time.

We get it. Circumstances change all the time. After signing up, you will receive a link to a member portal where you can easily change the details of your subscription or cancel it. (Don't worry; you won't need to create an account.)

If you have any other questions, please email me.