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The Just Looking Foundation supports the cultivation of mindful curiosity in children and young people. It is registered with the Charities Aid Foundation UK.

What do we do?

  • Half of the fees from the Just Looking membership are given away to charities and social enterprises that support children's wellbeing.
  • We are actively raising additional funds for this work, accepting donations from philanthropic individuals and organisations.
  • Strategic advice is offered to charities we support to help them focus on mindful curiosity in more effective ways.
  • Mindful photography workshops are organised for children through schools.

Why is this important?

As we grow up and become "experts" in living, we become more closed and automated in our perception. That's why the Just Looking Foundation supports children to hang on to their natural curiosity, openness, wonder and awe, for as long as possible. And, for young people who have experienced great difficulty in their early years and grew up with the feeling that the world is unsafe to explore, we encourage them to carefully reconnect with their curiosity.

Join us to make a difference

By paying annual membership as a Friend of Just Looking, you will be supporting the work of the Foundation. If you'd like to make an even more generous donation, thank you, and let's speak about how to make the best use of your funds.

Are you part of a school?

If you're interested in sharing mindfulness with children in creative ways, that's exciting and there are a number of ways we could help. Please get in touch!

Partner organisations

So far the Foundation has helped support the following inspiring organisations:

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