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Supporting Others

Supporting Others
Image by Miguel Lisbona

Just Looking is not alone, but part of a modern mindfulness movement.

There are many other projects protesting the dominant culture of being too busy to look up and care, and encouraging us to slow down and notice more. And still, a lot more creativity is needed for this to be a diverse and inclusive movement.

Through the generosity of the Friends of Just Looking and other individual donors, we are able to support some of these kindred partner projects - with a special focus on charities, social enterprises, and artists.

You can read about the projects that we have supported so far below. The intention is to keep it simple and transparent. And if you would like to make a direct contribution to any of these excellent projects, I can connect you.

Partner projects supported to date:

Mindfulness in Schools Project

Location: UK
Date: Oct 2022
Donation: £1,500

Mindfulness in Schools Project has been delivering mindfulness training for schools for the past 10 years. Their materials are based on research in psychology and neuroscience and they are written for teachers by teachers.

The trouble is that doing things thoroughly takes time and money. To train a primary school teacher from scratch to teach mindfulness to children takes several months and costs £760. Our donation will subsidise the training of around 5 primary school teachers working in schools in disadvantaged areas. On average each teacher works with 120 children, so we expect to reach approximately 600 children!

Here are some pupils from Bishopston Primary School in Swansea discussing their experience of mindfulness practices.